Apple goes potty over the use of the term Podcasts!

I am a big fan of Apple, but even I will admit they are being a little short sighted over their latest legal escapade.

The Guardian technology blog reports today that Apple is taking Podcast Ready and myPodder to court over the use of the term ‘Podcast’.

Apple argues that they own the copyright to the term and that other organisations can’t use it.

Since its successful appearance 12-18 months ago, Apple has become synonymously associated with this increasingly popular method of distributing content.

For this reason, surely it can only assist their promotional efforts if others use it to describe the activity.

While they may own the term ‘podcast’, if every time someone downloads a podcast they think of the iPod and Apple, what do you think their preferred device is going to be?

It is much like (to a varying degree) hoover and band-aid, whereby brand names or product names become linked with the activity or product, itself.

Apple has the best technology when it comes to Podcasting and continues to innovate in this space. I don’t think that they should be overly worried about other organisations using the term. It could even do them more harm by throwing their toy’s out of their cot, rather than just sitting back and letting their great products keep them at the front of the pack!

If others are prevented from using the term and developing products and services that expand the appeal of the distribution channel, we may find an alternative come along that pushes podcasting to one side. We are then faced with all the great work achieved by both Apple and the wider community being eroded before it really even began.


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